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"Putting America Back
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Job at a TIME"

Welcome to Staff-One Temps!

Welcome to Staff-One Temps, a “different” kind of staffing company! The word “different” means many things to many people. This is what we at Staff-One Temps mean by “different”.

To the employer who is looking to get help with staffing employees for their company, we’re “different” in that we are a “full service” company. We can supply employees for any kind of occupation: light-industrial manufacturing, medical, office, technical, construction, professional, you name it. We can ease the burden for the company by taking away the hassles of taxes, payroll, worker’s compensation, recruiting and screening applicants, so the company can concentrate on the most important thing, running their business. We want to be your business partner in making your company grow!

To the job seeker, we take the time to find out what kind of work you want to do and do our very best to put you into a job that you will enjoy and will want to do your very best. We don’t consider ourselves a “temp agency”, either. The vast majority of the positions we offer are “temp-to-hire”, meaning that provided you do a good job during your introductory time working on our payroll and show good attendance, punctuality, and a good work ethic, the company can roll you over to their payroll. We strive to provide full-time jobs whenever possible, but also assist those job seekers who might be interested in part-time work as well. So, whether you are a business owner or manager who would like to get rid of the headache of finding good employees, or someone who is looking for an opportunity to secure a good job with good pay and a future, let Staff-One Temps help you! Come see for yourself why we are “different”!


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